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Fluffy Muffinface

Boxer of oxen

1/22/12 10:46 am - MIGHT AND MAGIC

Drawings for people woo!Collapse )

1/14/12 07:12 pm - First post of '12!

>A couple arts~Collapse )

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12/12/11 01:07 am - What is with the fish lately, I swear


But first, PASSIONCollapse )

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11/10/11 11:17 pm - Color roughs for last four pieces

In case anyone's interested!

Some of how I artsCollapse )

11/8/11 01:55 pm - Living, barely

Last week I had an apocalyptic death fever! Don't worry, I lived.

This is some cut text, can you believe it!Collapse )

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10/21/11 03:17 pm - Limerence

Hello my lovely flist~

I feel pretty, oh so prettyCollapse )

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10/5/11 06:33 pm - A comic that I arted

Guess who was at the Alternative Press Expo this last weekend?

At a table?

Selling a comic?!

Captain Kitten! Cat pirates... fighting jetpack pterodactyls. Sixteen pages of sweet, sweet fight scene.

I know I haven't been posting much art lately... This is why.

Now to get cracking on issues 2 and 3...

8/25/11 05:57 pm - It's that time again


Klarion beckons!Collapse )

7/29/11 12:39 pm - VISHANTI PRESERVE ME

Here's a thing: Doctor Strange rogues for the esteemed Project:Rooftop!

The horror!Collapse )

7/19/11 07:24 pm - I LIVE

Oh man, you guys. Has it been ages since I posted or what?

2 dorky fanarts, 3 Bristolwhip shenanigansCollapse )

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